Info and About

This website is made by (me) Jake Murphy.

I have a (small) blog at

I have a youtube channel Murph09y were I sometimes post blog/gaming videos to.

About me


Batchelor of Computer Science at UNSW, graduated at the end of 2015.

4 Yrs Java
3 Yrs C#
2 Yrs C# WinForms
2 Yrs Python
3 Yrs html/js
2 Yrs PHP/Perl
Some C experience (1yr), and have played with Prolog, Node.js.
Can do full stack work, in linux/apache2 (this site) and windows (for current job).
Can be found here and on my github page: here.
Some projects include:
- Geometry Wars clone, Tetris clone in JOGL/Java, can be downloaded from this site.
- Car Physics based game in JMonkeyEngine3, rather large amount of time has gone into it.
- This site which runs of a raspberry pi on my desk at home.
- Contributed a python module for the Nagstamon nagios monitoring software.
Job History
2014 Jul - 2014 - Dec: Far Edge Technology Intern
2015 Jan - now: Far Edge Technolohy Developer

Site History

This started as a project for learning javascript and php - but then actually became useful.

So I kept adding to it and now its a proper website that hosts my games, it also does many small utility tasks or interesting things.