Info and About

This website is made by (me) Jake Murphy.

I have a (small) blog at

I have a Youtube channel Murph09y were I sometimes post blog/gaming videos to.

About Me


Bachelor of Computer Science at UNSW, graduated at the end of 2015.


5 Yrs Java
4 Yrs C#
2 Yrs C# WinForms
2 Yrs Python
4 Yrs html/js
2 Yrs PHP/Perl
Some C experience (1yr), and have played with Prolog, Node.js.
Available for full stack work, in Linux/Apache2/Nginx (this site) and Windows (current job).

Job History

2014 Jul - 2014 Dec:Far Edge Technology Intern
2015 Jan - 2018 Apr:Far Edge Technology Developer
2018 Apr - now:Hays plc


Can be found here and on my github page: here.
Some projects examples include:

Site History

It started as a project for learning javascript, html and php - but then actually became useful.

So I kept adding to it and now its a proper website that hosts my games, it also does many small utility tasks or interesting things.

The sites that this links to are also are some kind of project or another. This site and my blog are statically generated using jekyll, the in-progress site are node.js based socket games.