My Games

Please email me at for feedback. (because I know there will be some).

The great majority of these games are java 8 based.

If you are worried about a viruses from these files, the source is avaliable on github. Also nearly all of them are windows only, so contact me and i’ll see what we can do

Tab player

It can play all Rocksmith 2014 songs much the same as the game does.

Written in Godot and C#.

Download TabPlayer from Github releases


It is a driving game, that has dynamic generated tracks and a selection of cars.

My current project which is very much a work in progress, has a GitHub.

First game using JMonkeyEngine3.

Please note that this game uses an approximation of the Pacejka formula for tyre traction, which happens to be unstable at low speeds.

Download Rally v0.0.11 (~35MB)


Built upon the rally game above in the same project, gives some kind of progression.

Designed to be a rougelike vs racing game.

Feedback welcome


Survival Rouge like

It is a driving game, but you dodge stuff for as long as you can.

Windows only because the jre is bundled in the zip



Basically an infinite runner clone but with the catch that you can control multiple games at once.

Lets just say its pretty difficult. Source

its not pretty

Download (9MB)


After I did a Uni graphics course I was inspired to create a proper game. (after the small ones below)

I had been playing a geometry wars clone called gridwars, which some believe is actually better. This game insipred me to create my own.

It uses JOGL and has sound and actual game mechanics. It gives you the option to change the settings before you load, things like board size change the game a lot.

It also has a github repo under the same username.

I have only recently worked out how to export this game so tell me about any bugs

Download GridWars


A modern tetris implementation in Java8 and JMonkeyEngine3 with settings and records saving.

Follows the tetris guideline as much as possible, including SRS rotation and wall kicks.

Written about 3 years after the java swing version.

Download Jetris(9MB)


First game im actually proud of, this is a full functional game. Remember to read the info and controls. Also try out some of the options.

If I was to do this again i would probably not write it using swing rectangles. They are slow for this. Like really slow. Check your CPU while playing.

Download Tetris


My first attempt at something that actually had 'some' difficulty to it. This was a setup for the next project

It has some interface issues... also even though it says it saves, it doesn't.

Download Minesweeper


This was my first attempt at doing something in java swing. Every one has their first project, heres mine.

It is very simple.

Download Snake